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Streets Department


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The Street Department maintains the streets and recreational parks within the Village.  A regular street maintenance program is proposed and approved each year by the Board of Trustees, funded by Motor Fuel Taxes, Road and Bridge state funding, and real estate property taxes. They may be contacted by phone at (217) 245-7014.

The Street Department performs projects such as:

  • Leaf Pick Up Program scheduled for November.
  • Christmas Tree Pick Up Program tentatively scheduled for January.
  • Snow Routes and Snow Removal.
  • Maintenance of Street Signs and Traffic Signals.
  • Landscaping Projects
  • Recreational Park Maintenance.
  • Spring Clean Up– June 4th, 5th & 6th

SNOW EMERGENCY: In the event of snow accumulation of three (3) inches or more, all emergency snow routes will be activated until further notice.

All vehicles parked on these snow routes are required to be removed immediately or they will be towed at the owner’s expense. Affected roads are:

East and West Greenwood, East Vandalia, South Diamond, Lincoln Avenue and Hardin Avenue.


Buster Sanitation, which picks up in the Village, has posted this Notice: Effective 10-17-05, landscape and yard waste will no longer be accepted in plastic trash bags. Yard waste will only be accepted in an approved biodegradable paper bag. Thirty-gallon trash cans (maximum) may also be used. A Buster Sanitation Yard Waste Sticker is still required for each bag or can used. Please attach sticker to the bag or can handle and place so the sticker is visible from the street. Yard Waste Stickers are $3.50 each & are available at Village Hall and at County Market.

Email the Street Department at:

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